Bagou: Websocket for Django

Release v0.0.1. (Installation)

Bagou is an MIT Licensed Django app, written in Python. It’s support full duplex websocket.

Just create an file in your app. This will allow you to catch events.

from bagou.utils import broadcast
from import on_message

def chatroom(client, channel, message):
        data={'message': 'Hello World from server.'})

You can use broadcast method everywhere in your Django project to send message to websocket channels.

Bagou use most of SocketIO concept, like subscribe, unsubscribe. Its fully compatible with callback on websocket message.

Feature Support

  • Async message sending (with RabbitMQ)
  • Channel support (like SocketIO)
  • Django authentification over websocket
  • Enhanced BagouWebSocket javascript object
  • Many event decorators (on_subscribe, on_message, on_store, ...)
  • Management command for your websocket server
  • Channel permissions (soon)

User Guide

This is part of the documentation, which will start with Bagou architecture, some websocket background information, then focuses on step-by-step instructions for your very first Django application.

API Documentation

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